Symbiotic Orchestra

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The Symbiotic Orchestra is a collective of plants and mushrooms growing together.
They are placed into passive speakers that lets the sound of each couple be heard.
The amplification of bio-electrical activity is raw, simply translated for the moment by two waves, sinus and square.

The forest of speakers will be then available to welcome musicians for collaborative live performances and smooth concerts. The aim is not to use these beings as musical instruments but to let them live and propose the sounds for a perpetual gig.

The Symbiotic Orchestra is a work in progress started during my residency at Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris.

Prototypes :



Sound test with Aloe Vera, AD620, Arduino and MaxMsp.
Video Experiment


Ressources :

Radio Mycélium
Yoshiya Matsuzaka Bio-amplifier
Pulsum Plantae – Less Null Void
Biosensing – Pechblenda


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