Live at Wiener Rauschen Festival, Vienna september 2020
@ Olivier Jacquet

The two artists have been collaborating since 2018 with the duo Effraction Vacances, an improvised live play format based on mainstream pop music from the 1990/2000 – different each time – setting it up as a decomposed sculpture.
For this new form, Semoroz and Souharce are focusing on the possibilities of nested different timings in live, playing on large dynamic ranges inspired by both Instagram culture and noise music.


2021.05.29 – Shedhalle, Zürich (ch)
2021.04.01 – Cave12, Geneva (ch)
2020.10.11 – Pneu, Geneva (ch)
2020.09.29 – Le Mouton Noir, Fribourg (ch)
2020.09.28 – CHE Bar, La Chaux-de-Fonds (ch)
2020.09.27 – P.M.K., Innsbruck (at)
2020.09.26 – Festival Wiener Rauschen, Fabrik, Vienna (at)
2020.09.23 – Residency + Live performance @ Eyes On Festival, Südpol, Luzern (ch)
2020.08.14 – Le Pont (ch)